Milk producers

Milk, a valuable commodity

Value of Milk


What unites all our farmers from Franconia, Thuringia and Saxony is the passion with which they work for their milk every day.

We value our producers’ milk as a unique natural product that combines numerous valuable nutrients in a special composition.

Due to their natural texture and flavour-giving ingredients, milk and dairy products – such as yoghurt, quark and cheese – are still indispensable in the kitchen today. Many dairy products are not only part of our Franconian identity, but also interwoven with German food culture. That’s why it’s so important to us to properly appreciate the work of our producers, and to further strengthen trust in one of the most nutritious foods.





Our concern is ensuring a long-term, reliable form of cooperation with our dairy farms and their families. We see ourselves as a competent, fair and efficient partner to our farmers, whose high-quality raw milk we process and market to the best of our ability. 

For our producers, milk is not only a passion, but also a livelihood.

Against this background, we are making the greatest efforts to provide them with stable prospects for the future. We have been making sure this is the case for many years, among other things, through our above-average payout prices.

In addition, our team of production advisers is always on hand to offer advice and support to our dairy farms. Through regular contact, we know the individual needs of our suppliers, and can actively help with any questions and concerns while avoiding the usual bureaucracy.

Animal Welfare


Healthy and contented cows are the central prerequisite for the production of high-quality dairy products. Our milk producers put their heart and soul into the well-being of their cows, and follow strict requirements in terms of species-appropriate husbandry.

The optimal care of these animals starts with the design of the stables, to the way they are fed and to their veterinary care.

In modern stables, ventilation and fans ensure good air conditions. Daylight and additional lighting provide the cows with sufficient light. While in open housing, they can move freely, traverse clean, non-slip walkways and can lie down at any time.



All animals have access to fresh water and healthy, nutritious feed. In our cooperation with our farmers, we attach great importance to high-quality, GMO-free feeding. This not only serves the well-being of the cows; this is because balanced feeding involving the best quality also has a positive influence on the ingredients of the raw milk.

By participating in the “Haltungsformen” quality management system, our farmers document that they meet the high requirements for the process of producing cow’s milk in Germany.  The health and well-being of the animals are always in the foreground.