Best of milk since 1908

Lived family tradition for freshness and enjoyment

Lived tradition, honesty and fairness – that is our philosophy


Our dairy farm is a family business steeped in tradition, with many decades of experience in high-quality milk processing. Like previous generations in a leading role, we see our dairy farm as down-to-earth. Since our founding, we have placed great value on long-term relationships with producers, suppliers, employees and customers.

frischli – a quality product from Milchhof Albert in Scheßlitz


Since the 1970s, our dairy has been a shareholder in the frischli brand association, under whose name we produce fresh milk, long-life milk, cream and butter.  Currently, two other private dairies from Lower Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt produce a wide range of dairy products with us under this name.

Our farmers are valuable partners


Our concern is ensuring a long-term, reliable form of cooperation with our dairy farms and their families. We see ourselves as a competent, fair and efficient partner to our farmers, whose high-quality raw milk we process and market to the best of our ability. This is because milk is not only a passion for our farmers, but also their livelihood. 

Investments form the basis for a successful future


We want to continue to develop our company responsibly and with a view to achieving economic success in the future. Our corporate actions are guided by our social, ecological and economic responsibility. This commitment begins long before the milk reaches our premises. In particular, the long-standing, intensive partnership with our milk suppliers is an essential cornerstone of our entrepreneurial philosophy.

We are family and work together


Milchhof Albert is a traditional family business with many years of experience in high-quality milk processing. We see ourselves as a down-to-earth company that is deeply rooted in the Bamberg region. At the same time, we are constantly improving ourselves and our dairy so that future generations will also be able to continue writing the history of the dairy farm and its success. That is why we look forward to welcoming new colleagues who want to help shape the future of our dairy with passion and drive.


Actually, our packaging is not packaging at all!


For many years, we have been using environmentally friendly packaging that is even better for the environment and the climate. For example, our fresh milk packaging has one layer less packaging material than regular milk packaging, and is also made of unbleached cellulose. 

As we process a natural product, sustainable development is very close to our hearts. Only through targeted measures can an environment be preserved in which future generations can also live safely. That is why we are continuously improving our energy consumption, reducing energy costs and optimising our facilities, processes and procedures.

A unique natural product


What unites all our farmers from Franconia, Thuringia and Saxony is the passion with which they work for their milk every day. They produce a unique natural product that combines numerous valuable nutrients in a special composition. 

Getting more out of milk – delicious recipes with milk


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